New Premises

Installations in Costa I deu Nº63

In March this year, Texfiltra, S.L. moved into new premises. The new building has a total area of more than 2400 m². In the new organisation, Rivetex SCP, former Texfiltra’s sister company responsible for warping are weaving, merges with Texfiltra in order to increase production, quality and optimize traceability.

The new Texfiltra’s challenge starts in these totally new instalations designed to cope with nowadays needs. This will allows us to manufacture our products from yarn to finish fabric in a more efficient and versatile way.

In terms of production, new machirery have been installed. A new heavy duty “Panter Hercules” loom is in full operation. Further space have been reserved in our weaving shed for new looms which will be installed shortly. This will allow us to increase considerably our production capacity.

The doors at Texfiltra are always open!

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