The path of Texfiltra

Our company starts in the textile world in 1980 under the name of Valles 80. At that time the company owns a weaving unit manufacturing products for third parties.


Texfiltra is founded, and the new company slowly gets more and more in involved in Technical and Filtration fabrics for a better access to the foreign markets.
This was a year of high investment. The company’s capital was doubled and a new finishing was built, installing a heat setting unit and a calender machine. It this way the company is able to produce in a vertical manner and the range of products is highly increased.
Texfiltra and Rivetex (warping and weaving unit), merged under the same name. In this way efficiency is increased and full control over the production chain is obtained: from raw materials reception to product dispatch, all in the same premises.

Looking at the future

Texfiltra’s aim for the future is to keep on improving in product quality, better service, looking after the environment and in any issue that would make us better for our customers.
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