Producers and dealers of
Filtration Fabrics

Wide range of products in stock

We see ourselves as a producer and seller of Technical fabrics, mainly aimed for the filtration market. Moreover we heat set, calender and heat print for third parties.

Over the years, Texfiltra has entered new markets. We stated servicing the home market, ending up servicing costumers from all continents.

Our premises with a size over 2500 m², allow us to vertically produce our products; starting with warping, continuing with weaving and ending up with finishing. Paying especial attention in heat setting and calendering.

A further unique point at Texfiltra is our quick response to orders, as we hold a substantial quantity of fabric in stock for fast and efficient service.

Texfiltra has its own R&D department for the developing of new products and processes. Our lab is fully equipped for the purpose.

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