Polypropylene and Stain-less Steel Antistatic Filtration Fabric. Air Permeability 27 liters, Weight 400 g/m2 and Width 160 cm.


Technical Specifications
Permeability (DIN-53887:1986) [liters/dm²/min a 20mmwg (±20%)] 27
Composition Polypropylene and Stain-less Steel
Weave Twill
Weight (ISO-3801-1977) [g/m²] 400
Thickness (EN-ISO-5084-1997) [mm] 0,85
Warp Composition Staple Fiber and Stain-less Steel
Weft Composition Staple Fiber and Stain-less Steel
Warp Density [Threads/cm] 22
Weft Density [Threads/cm] 14
Vertical Strength 5cm (EN-ISO-13934-1:1999) [kg – N] 370 – 3700
Horitzontal Strength 5cm (EN-ISO-13934-1:1999) [kg – N] 230 – 2300
Warp Electrical Surface Resistance (DIN-54345:1985 part5) [MOhms] <1.0
Weft Electrical Surface Resistance (DIN-54345:1985 part5) [MOhms] <1.0
Particle Retention Capacity (TEXMAX-60255) [Ø=a ?m] 19
Finish Heat Set
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